Ekodeal sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Opole has been operating on the Polish and European markets since July 2014.

As a business entity, the ownership structure is based on family relationships and entirely belongs to private individuals.

Making use of 30 years of professional experience in the field of private business and the last 10 years of cooperation with the cement and lime industry in Poland, it shares its knowledge, which effectively contributes to the development of the company. As part of the applicable law, the company operates mainly on the market of trading energy waste and waste that may be the subject of recovery processes from R 1 to R 12, as well as disposal processes from D 1 to D 15.

In addition, our company, acting on the basis of separate agreements with plants dealing in the production of alternative fuels, organizes for these entities supplies of high-energy industrial waste, together with logistics organization, where after processing, it becomes a component of alternative fuel supplied to cement plants and energy recovery facilities.

On the basis of agreements with installations for the disposal of hazardous waste, we link the market of the supplier and recipient of such waste both locally and abroad.

We are also developing commercial activities in the field of trading secondary raw materials such as plastic regrinds and foil, rubber granules and non-ferrous metals. Our annual turnover for the provision of these services exceeds EUR 1,000,000. In the future, we would like to focus on further development of the company by engaging in laboratory research and production activities related to waste recovery and treatment.

Our previous experience in cooperation with entities dealing in energy waste and alternative fuels (10 key contractors in Poland and 15 abroad) allows us to believe that there is a need on the market for cooperation with professional entities dealing in waste trade - and our company wants to become one of them.

The main actions of our company are focused on the future. The current realities on the waste management market in our country require focused work and activities to protect the environment in which we live.

Our mission is to build relationships and link entities on the common European market. Our task is to create and build good cooperation principles between entities dealing in professional waste management and processing mainly on the Polish market, but also in the European community

The paramount goal of our company is to take care of the natural environment that surrounds us. In our activity, we use and promote actions that allow to maximize recovery and recycling processes, both at the processing and energy recovery level.

We use green energy sources as well as means of transport. We help implement ecological waste management programs for our contractors.